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When you think about cloth diapering, what comes to mind?  Diaper pins and rubber pants?  Well these are things of the past.  Now cloth diapering is adorable and much healthier for your baby and the environment.  Disposable diapers contain many chemicals that are banned in other countries because they are known to be linked to cancer, hormonal problems, bacteria, toxins and reproductive problems.  Cloth is a safe alternative.

A lot of people budge because it’s expensive to get started.  It doesn’t have to be.  There are cost effective ways to diaper on a dime but if you think about it, the average child uses 6,000 disposable diapers, or 25 cloth diapers.  Cloth can also be used for more than one child and sold once you are done with them for a bit of a return on your investment.  I had a cloth diaper registry for my shower and got all I needed.  Although if I find a good deal, I still pick up some second hand diapers here and there.

Some mommas get concerned about the ick factor.  It’s really not that bad.  If you breast feed, your baby’s poop is water soluble and you can just run a rinse cycle with your diapers before washing to remove poop.  Then they bleach out like new with just a few hours of sunlight.  Once baby starts solids, you just shake solids into the toilet or you can install a diaper sprayer.  But you’ve got a long time to worry about all that.

Others complain that it’s more work.  Yes, it’s a little more laundry.  It beats running to Walmart to pick up more diapers or exchange sizes or taking out the trash all the time.  It’s also fun laundry.  I promise I’m not crazy, ask any cloth diapering momma, they enjoy washing and hanging up diapers.  It’s an excuse to get outside and get some sunshine and fresh air and play with pretty fabric.  We still hate washing the clothes though ;)

Some ask, “Does the water bill go up?”  A little, but not as much as you would think or enough to even come close to the cost of disposables over time.  I do spend a little more on natural detergent but I make up for it by not needing to buy fabric softener.

Also mommas who are curious about cloth get overwhelmed when they search it out online.  There are so many options, so many acronyms, and since cloth mommas enjoy talking about diapers, we complicate things.  It’s not nearly as complicated as we make it sound but it’s important to know what you like and don’t like so that you know how to integrate the right type of diapers into your life.  I’ve broke it down into a few show and tell videos.  I hope that this simplifies things but feel free to leave questions in the comments.





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