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Okay internet, you did this.  You gave me Pinterest for new projects.  You gave me Facebook groups where like minded people gather to share all sorts of ideas.  You gave me a doctorate in Googlology.  You gave me Kindle for books that I want to read within moments of deciding that I want to read them.  Then you gave me a space on the web.  ::shakes head:: look what you got yourself into!

I’m a thinker but I’m no inventor.  I have compiled information from many wonderful sources, anything I can get my hands on really.  From that point it was all a matter of what works for me and my family.  This is my space on the web to talk about it.  I need an outlet, and here it is.

A crunchy lifestyle isn’t all or nothing, that’s important to know before you look any further.  I cloth diaper but will use paper plates.  Yes, it’s a paradox.  I’m okay with that.  Just because I talk about it, doesn’t mean that I can’t change my mind.  It doesn’t mean that you should even listen.  It’s just what makes me happy to discuss at this moment for whatever reason.  If you’re curious, I implore you to please research, because there is more than one way to skin a cat, so to speak.  Knowledge is empowering, I’ll give resources whenever I can.  I’ve read about my options and this is all about what conclusions I came to.  I don’t have the answers and I’m no professional, I do however have a lot of questions.  This blog is where I’m logging my findings.

You will probably not agree with everything that I have to say, and that’s cool, we can still be friends.  I actually created this blog because my ideas were conflicting and I would rather have fart and giggle chat when I get to enjoy your company.  People can be a bit judgy and I can be a bit loud.  So, if you know me, and you are here, it’s probably because you asked me a question that I did not wish to debate with you, not knowing your stance. Your style is your own, and you are wonderful!  Keep being you!  This is just my take.  If you want to know more, please read on.  If you think I’m weird, I’m okay with that, look at the cute baby pictures and leave the rest.

Who is Desmond’s Mom?  I have been married to my college sweetheart John since 2007 and we just had our first baby in March of this year, a little boy named Desmond who is the light of our lives. I love studying and learning. I live in the midwest. I own my own business that I run out of a storefront connected to my house and I work with Desmond by my side everyday.  My husband works nights, which surprisingly works out very well for us. I have also been a belly dancer for the past 8 years as a teacher, performer and eternal student. I love thrift store shopping, music, being silly, and experiencing life to the fullest with road trips and live performances and talking for hours over coffee or tea about nothing and everything. I’m head over heals in love with life as a new mommy!

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